Under the underpass, we versed

Me, Jon, Zac, and Abby were first

Then came Emily and Naya,

come one, come all, no buyer’s

remorse, these poems are FREE

as free as everything is “poetry”

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Allison, Zac and I wrote free poems at yesterday’s Atlanta Streets Alive. It was hot and humid but we found a nice shady spot. There were dogs on skateboards wearing sunglasses. There were lots of guys on bikes blasting Kenny G from their speakers. There were tourists and Atlantans and kids of all ages. There were crazy topics and topics we knew nothing about, namely sports, baseball, some guy named Drew Brees? Come on, we’re POETS, we don’t care about that physical movement thing! One especially sweet moment: I wrote a poem for an 8 year old girl on the topic of “love”. She was going to give it to her sweetheart.


This is just a placeholder for a future post… gotta find those photos. Check back later. 🙂


Robin and I, with help from Zac and Priscilla, wrote lots of poems for the Streets Alive crowds, amid the tall canyons of Peachtree Center. And here they are:


Free Poems at Gallery 992

by jon on May 10, 2017

Nathan Brown curated a night of music on March 19th, 2017 at Kebbi Williams’ Gallery 992, and he asked Free Poems to join in. Gallery 992 is a great new-ish spot in the West End where both well-established and young jazz talent gather. The place has a really pleasant community vibe about it.

Al and I wrote poems and we also read some of them from the stage; here are a few of them.


Zac and I wrote poems at the Center for Puppetry Arts for their Valentine’s Night event. There were arts, crafts, food, and drinks. There was even caricature portraits! We also got a chance to look around the awesome Labyrinth exhibit before the event started. Here are some photos from that night:



We wrote again for Atlanta Streets Alive. It was fun! See poems below:

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Dunwoody Nature Center, October 15, 2016

by Jimmy on October 16, 2016


We wrote poems at the Dunwoody Nature Center during their first ever Arts in the Park event. It was great, the weather was great, and we got to commune with nature as our poetic muse! If you haven’t checked out the nature center yet, you really should. It’s pretty awesome.


Ghastly Dreadfuls, October 14, 2016

by Jimmy on October 14, 2016


We wrote poems for the Ghastly Dreadfuls show at the Center for Puppetry Arts. It was really fun. Our poems were, predictably, halloween themed:



We braved another Atlanta Streets Alive this past Sunday. We were stationed near the Highland Ave/Boulevard intersection this time. The demand wasn’t as high in this location, but we still had plenty of topics to keep us busy. Among the poets on this unusually warm day were Jon, Allison, Naya, Zac and me.

Between heated debates about the merits (or the lack thereof) of Donald Trump and in-depth discussions about having a stand-up comic to entertain our demanders as they wait for their poems, we were somehow still able to write all these poems: