Atlanta Streets Alive, May 19, 2013

by Jimmy on May 21, 2013

All the forecasts said rain! thunderstorm! flash-flood! I bought 5 emergency ponchos so the poets won’t get wet, but just as 2pm rolled around, the rain stopped and an hour later the sun even came out! It was a miracle. We wrote under the awning of the fabulous Fox. At first many were scared away by the prospect of wetness, but soon the throngs showed up and walked proud with their heads held high down the middle of Peachtree Street. Joining me were Jon, Zac, and Nick. We wrote on subjects as diverse as “popcorn and statistics”, “woolly mammoths”, “conflict between nanotechnology and globalization”, “flatulence”, and “bagel unicorn” (just to name a few). See the photos below to read the full poems.

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