Atlanta Streets Alive, October 7, 2012

by Jimmy on October 8, 2012

This is the second Atlanta Streets Alive event this year. We didn’t get as many demands mainly because more people were on bikes. At least that’s my theory. Still, we had a lot of fun. Jon and Robin held down the fort while I biked in part of the parade. Nisa rolled out of bed and joined us. Zac was looking hot as always. And our friends Annie and Tim let us use their front porch as FPOD headquarters.

One demander told me that she came to the event specifically because she wanted to get a free poem. Nobody’s ever told me that before. I was touched. Another demander wrote a blog post about us, and mentioned that we were what she “was looking forward to for the past day.” And Scott Lowden made us all look beautiful in his photographs. We love Atlanta Streets Alive because it really fits in well with our mission of free art. Almost everything there was free and immediate and open. Too bad the streets are not alive anymore.

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