Atlanta Zine Fest, July 18, 2015

by Jimmy on July 20, 2015

We wrote free poems at the Atlanta Zine Fest this past Saturday, July 18, 2015. The event was organized by Murmur Media and hosted at Murmur, Mammal, and Eyedrum. I was really impressed by all the creators, artists, writers, and zine-sters who showed up.


In keeping with the theme of zines and DIY-goodness, we decided to make a zine out of the poems we wrote and have the zine produced and available for participants by the end of the day. How did we do it? As soon as we wrote a poem, we sent it (via text) to our dedicated zine-ster Jon Ciliberto, who was stationed in an [as yet undisclosed] location. Jon printed out our poems and cobbled together a zine, and then delivered the zine to our FPOD table only hours after we wrote our first poem:


Here’s the PDF of the zine. You may also read it on Issuu.

Zac and Nisa showed up a little late, so unfortunately many of their poems weren’t sent to Jon in time for publication in the zine. But we do have photos of their poems, which you can check out below.

Apart from an amazing rainstorm (which did not deter us), everything went as smoothly as we could have hoped! AZF was great and we hope to do it again next year.

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