Decatur Farmers Market, 16 June 2012

by jon on June 20, 2012

break the waves
against the waves
of my hair
or my leathern skin
sun-dried on the sandbar
that serves margaritas
and hail maries
with the sea salt
that rims my glass,
the ocean, that soft slab
that fills the earth
with heaviness.

Free poem on ‘the ocean’ by Jimmy Lo, 6-16-2012


Speak, enough, and loudly trump-
eted to a crowd like-minded
who are told that it is, some-
thing, anything — thus defined,

whatever words ARE poetry!
A slit sheet, a melted hour,
the tail of hair: become a free
codex of an eastern town,

overrun with monkeys wearing
fedoras, glad-handed, sword-
wielding, japing like crows, swearing
in a private tongue. Toward

the town square gather weird fans
of adverse congress and coffee,
distilled through 15 years of hands
clapping a wordless energy.

Free poem on ’15th anniversary of poetry at Java Monkey, Kodac Harrison, a sheet cake, trumpet, sword’ by Jon Ciliberto, 6-16-2012


little humans full of snot
and mouthy germs
ten fingers, ten little indians
spontaneous combustion
when thrown together
in families and playground
monkeyed about impossibly that
these beings are human
so carefree, permanent
drunks and flown with fancy.

Free poem on ‘children’ by Jimmy Lo, 6-16-2012


dear Robin,

  the flop-lops have been speaking to me
gentle things surrendured form a new season
  they told me about your arrival of the
future tide, stomping delighted around the
  beginning of the west end of the world
pick up your ears and carry them over your
  back through the field of feelings
    where joys grow in mouse manure
      like whiskers and sun freckles of truth on
Pinnochio’s nose
snuffling truffles, runaway, why don’t you
to powder your nose with my tail!
here are the lily pads between the continents
jump, now, your legs are grown longer than
when you last moved, bunny, easter island
won’t melt.

Free poem on ‘bunnies’ by Heath Bar, 6-16-2012


Horses have notorious teeth,
nay, rotted ones with the looks
of candy corn and cotton candy
spun round the race course
and tails that black licorice-like
whip the wind. Jockeys are bright
colored wrappers, driving sweet
treats to market in thundering
trucks stuffed with chocolate
nags and caramel mares.
Neigh a yummy neigh and
canter down the candy aisle,
win, place a gumdrop on my
tongue, show a green-toothed smile.

Free poem on ‘candy & horses’ by Jimmy Lo & Jon Ciliberto, 6-16-2012


Not anger, shortened and pressed
up against helplessness, nor a
Slavic syllable spat on the ground
in Gdansk; not a feeble ‘plaint
whispered feebly into a cutting

If I knew what it was, I’d dis-
pel it, put it on a shelf, rush
it out a side door, ship it
in a box van, float it like a stub
candle on a placid lake.

But, no, my shadow never leaves
and even total darkness is not a
victory by displacement but gnawing
black grown to everywhere.

Free poem on ‘angst’ by Jon Ciliberto, 6-16-2012


Water loving dogs live in puddles
pooling permanent in a gel
of some sort resembling canine Carthage
in a darkening fur of day’s
lease unleashed on unsuspecting
mailmen to cuteness’s paradigm
and pretty’s corrollary, the sudden
attack on the heart that defines
such dog to snout spirit completed.

Free poem on ‘poodles’ by Jimmy Lo, 6-16-2012


Tubular conversion dirt streams
in the subway turnstile spinning
out flecks of waste and silica
through squeezed musculature
in concertina motion, growing
longer than the earth’s core,
feeding layers, fish, birds.
Soil festively dances in nitro-
gen, refining like a micro-
whale sifting plankton out from
a pushed stream of matter.

Free poem on ‘earthworms’ by Jon Ciliberto, 6-16-2012


The room is aglow with
sexily nightmarish setup
  of candle glow,
Bowls overflow with precious
  wrestled out juice of
  vegetables like stones
My hair falls like silk
  as I bounce down the
And still
No one’s there
The jug of wine for 2 is
  now for one,
Drowning out a night of crystalline, shattered fun

Free poem on ‘being stood up’ by Eftenbad Overshank, 6-16-2012


Every follicle of a feline
  is, within the limits
of reason, a line item
veto, joy unhinged —
  a pathway into
somethingness, the
  dander in the wind
a-blowin’, so like a
Neander in a tall
  glass of catnip,
unteed, short-haired

Free poem on ‘cats’ by Zac Denton, 6-16-2012

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