EAV Farmers Market w/ WonderRoot Index 9/20/2012

by Jimmy on September 21, 2012

Every Thursday from 4-8 pm, the WonderRoot Index exhibits a different artist or group of artists’ work. We were asked by Charlie from WonderRoot to showcase what we do yesterday at the East Atlanta Farmers Market every week.

Though I got there late, and there weren’t a lot of requests, it was still a very nice outing. The people were very nice and relaxed, the vibe was laid back. There were capoeira demonstrations, free samples, and general good cheer. A few people came up to me and just opened up in an incredible way. One guy from LA read to me his two favorite poems. Iisa, who has a booth of her own at the farmers market, gave me free eggplants in exchange for her poem.

I only took a few pictures, as I didn’t have my good camera with me, and the lighting wasn’t always ideal towards the latter part of the evening. Free poet Nick Charis also joined me around 7p.m. and wrote two good poems.

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