Free Poems at the Goat Farm, 18 July 2012

by jon on July 23, 2012

[I am transcribing this report, written by Eftenbad Overshank. He and Heather Buzzard wrote poems on this Wednesday evening during a Vouched Books event at the Goat Farm . – Jon]

So excited was I for the gallery opening of my dearling fiancĂ©e Duncan Shirah and FPODing at Vouched and seeing the end of gloATL’s intensive that I showed up early. To breathe with each last string of my diaphragm the air, its contents flush with oxygen from the shrubs around, to frolick at randomly in the rain-cloud silvered sky, and to let the sauce flow which must flow at any such event. I had on merely shorts and fingerless gloves, unaware of what Vouched was at all, and as a tribute to utter gracelessness. After being asked to put a shirt on, I attempted to do so as grittily and gracelessly as possible. But then it was on hardcore, as I received a supreme and delicious dearth of dog poems (not that there’s anything wrong with that– just, not something I can handle beautifully with my own skills, especially without the delicious assistance of our own lovely Jimmy Lo, who beareth their sometimes frequent burden without complaint). Almost all of the requests came along with close and friendly conversation, and all in all it was a very personal, gratifying FPOD session. Unfortunately, many of the photos were lost in the fading light as I foolishly attempted to grasp them with my flashless camera. Much love to Akhbar Imhotep, and all the other awesome requesters whose names I forgot (sorry!).

-Eftenbad Overshank

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