Our dear traveling friend and free poet Eftenbad Overshank is bravely forging onward on his bicycle across the country. Recently he sent me some poems he wrote for people on the New Jersey shore. Here are the photos:


We wrote free poems for an Art on the Beltline event this weekend at Gordon White Park in the West End. Some of the other performers were Imaginary Menagerie’s Kudzu Dragon, Kebbi Williams and Strings playing music in the park, and Santiago Páramo and Amy Pursifull’s interactive S.O.N.I.C. This was the make-up event for an earlier event that got rained out, and thankfully this time the weather was wonderful. Nick Charis and Priscilla Smith helped me write poems and we got quite a lot in before the sun set, and continued writing more after dark! We just needed some donuts and coffee to keep our spirits high. Here are some photos:

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Chomp and Stomp, November 3

by Jimmy on November 5, 2012

We’ve been quite busy in the last few months, and we were thinking about skipping Chomp and Stomp this year. But then at the last minute, we decided what the hell why not? So at around 3:30 p.m., when the festival was already well underway, we got out there and wrote poems until around 5:30 p.m. Here’s the photographic evidence:

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We were invited to participate in this Art on the Beltline event. We didn’t know it was going to be freezing! But we tried our best anyway. Poor Zac was shivering, and I had to order him to write more poems (see photo below of me pointing and threatening).  We wrote a handful of poems before we simply couldn’t take it any longer and left. We tied our remaining poems to a metal railing. Hopefully the demanders were able to find their poems. Oh yeah, there were other performers too… dancers, costumed paraders, musicians, etc. We salute them. Enjoy the pictures:


FPOD: Boston, MA division, October 21-22

by Jimmy on November 5, 2012

A few weeks ago, our dear friend and free poet Eftenbad Overshank embarked on a bicycle trip across the United States with our best wishes. But once a free poet, always a free poet. So I was not surprised when I received e-mails from him the other day with these photos of poems he had written for people in Boston!


Hambidge Great ARTdoors Festival 10/13/2012

by Jimmy on October 15, 2012

Located in Rabun Gap, Georgia, close to the North Carolina border, Hambidge offers a residency program for artists of all stripes. We got a taste of how they treated their residents recently when we were invited to stay for several days before writing Free Poems on October 13th at their annual Great ARTdoors Festival. Thanks to Hambidge and all their staff for being so welcoming. Acres of foliage and waterfalls, friendly faces everywhere, and a chef that cooked world-class meals nightly? Yes, please!

Along with Free Poems on Demand, the festival also featured Raku, pumpkin-carving, native plants, live music, face painting, snake/reptile show (we were pleased to handle the increased snake poem demand), food trucks, and of course artist talks and open studios. We rolled out of bed on Saturday and our tent was already set up for us, right outside of the Stone House (where we were staying). Other than a persistent battle with the bees, and the fact that we were quite ungodly in our poetic-verbiage, we had a great day! Participating free poets included Jon Ciliberto, Zac Denton, new poet Kimberly Ferlauto, and myself. Here are some pictures:


Atlanta Streets Alive, October 7, 2012

by Jimmy on October 8, 2012

This is the second Atlanta Streets Alive event this year. We didn’t get as many demands mainly because more people were on bikes. At least that’s my theory. Still, we had a lot of fun. Jon and Robin held down the fort while I biked in part of the parade. Nisa rolled out of bed and joined us. Zac was looking hot as always. And our friends Annie and Tim let us use their front porch as FPOD headquarters.

One demander told me that she came to the event specifically because she wanted to get a free poem. Nobody’s ever told me that before. I was touched. Another demander wrote a blog post about us, and mentioned that we were what she “was looking forward to for the past day.” And Scott Lowden made us all look beautiful in his photographs. We love Atlanta Streets Alive because it really fits in well with our mission of free art. Almost everything there was free and immediate and open. Too bad the streets are not alive anymore.

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Kimberly from Noni’s asked us to write free poems at their free dance event Death From Below held at the super underground Music Room on Edgewood. The only caveat was that it started at 11pm and went to 3 or 4 in the morning… and being the working-class conservative middle-aged number-crunching bureaucratic poets that we were, it was a wonder we even made it out there.

Of course I’m just speaking for myself. Nick Charis, one of our newest FPOD members, is a night owl and could’ve stayed up all night, probably. I, on the other hand, was falling asleep by 3am. Thankfully, the people who came out to dance were very enthusiastic about poetry, and very creative with their topic choices. Among them were: quantum entanglement, cylons, pirates, Tokyo Coco, and self diagnosed aspergers. The requester of that last topic also embroiled us in a long conversation about heteronyms! Word geeks unite!


EAV Farmers Market w/ WonderRoot Index 9/20/2012

by Jimmy on September 21, 2012

Every Thursday from 4-8 pm, the WonderRoot Index exhibits a different artist or group of artists’ work. We were asked by Charlie from WonderRoot to showcase what we do yesterday at the East Atlanta Farmers Market every week.

Though I got there late, and there weren’t a lot of requests, it was still a very nice outing. The people were very nice and relaxed, the vibe was laid back. There were capoeira demonstrations, free samples, and general good cheer. A few people came up to me and just opened up in an incredible way. One guy from LA read to me his two favorite poems. Iisa, who has a booth of her own at the farmers market, gave me free eggplants in exchange for her poem.

I only took a few pictures, as I didn’t have my good camera with me, and the lighting wasn’t always ideal towards the latter part of the evening. Free poet Nick Charis also joined me around 7p.m. and wrote two good poems.


Decatur Book Festival, September 1-2, 2012

by Jimmy on September 11, 2012

Once again we wrote Free Poems as part of the eXperimental Writers Asylum, which was part of the Decatur Book Festival, like an egg within an egg nestled there as an Event! under sun and tent we wrote awl hours of the awful day. OK it wasn’t awful, we were outside of Seen Gallery and the first day we had a storage of Croats I mean a shortage of poets, so it was quite hectic for those of us who were there. Let me try to remember the names Zac Denton, Priscilla Smith and myself. Also Allison Rentz. And the grateful assistance of one Ms. Stephanie K. Stoecker. On the second day of DBF my true love sent to me poets by the names of Zac Denton (yet again!), Eftenbad Whatsisface, Nick Charis, and some guy (I think his name was Aaron? I could not be remembering to disremember). The second day was much nicer paced (perhaps aided by the increase in poetic minions). Both days featured incredible Fall weather (though tending towards the hotter side, and at one point I almost passed out but that’s because I forgot to eat lunch and couldn’t get away from the poems long enough to get any food).

Thanks of course to all the poets who helped us write as well as: Eyedrum, Ed Hall and Priscilla Smith and everybody who organized the eXperimental Writers Asylum, Bill and Amy and the Seen Gallery, Laura Lieberman and the Douglasville Cultural Arts Center for lending us a tent, and the Decatur Book Festival for, uh, happening.